Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mcfarlane Toys Announce Collector Level Figures NFL 22

Just in from Todd Mcfarlane himself - new ways to collect sports figures with Mcfarlane Collector Level starting from NFL series 22.

Details explained to come during the weekend.

Friday, June 26, 2009

ToyGlobe - More Halo from McFarlane

The new -Medal Edition- series includes new characters, new weapons and 10 different medals for you to collect! The core line includes the assortment debut of the highly coveted Spartan Recon Armor, as well as the new -Rookie- figure from Halo 3: ODST (new game coming in September)

ToyGlobe - Scream his name 3 times ...and you know what happens....

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, ....Beetlejuice???? Thats right, he is back, in his red tux! Pre-Order the Red Tux Beetlejuice now!

ToyGlobe - Halo 3 Mongoose Vehicles Ready To Ride In October

All Terrain and Ultra Light, Mcfarlane Toys Brings you the Mongoose all terrain vehicles from Halo. The Mongoose comes with an Orange Mark V armor Spartan or a Cyan EOD Spartan. Pre-Orders yours now

Friday, June 19, 2009

And the Winner is........


Barefoot Mommies you've won the Transformers BumbleBee Voiceover Mask! :)

Please send me an email at tzenaki(at)gmail[dot]com with your shipping address (no P.O. Boxes)

How was the winner chosen:

We put all the names into the helmet, and had MEGAN FOX** (LOL)pick a name! You are our lucky winner!

In all actuality, it wasn't Megan Fox who picked a winner. I put on a black wig and plumped up my lips and pretended to be Megan Fox!

Twilight New Moon Figures

Hey everyone,

I'm soooooooooooooooo excited to announce that come September 2009, just before the release of New Moon in theatres there will be new TWILIGHT figures released!

Series 1 will consist of Edward, Bella, Alice, and of course Jacob!

But you heard me, its just SERIES ONE!! There will be series two and hopefully an Emmett doll although I don't know if let Toyglobe sell them. I might horde them all for my own use ;)

Don't forget to follow Toyglobe on Twitter @Toyglobe

Thursday, June 11, 2009 Give Away is proud to announce its very first GIVEAWAY!

Toyglobe is going to be giving away a Bumble Bee Voice Mixer Helmet from Hasbro Toys (From the movie Transformers)

Suit up just like the BUMBLEBEE character and prepare to save the universe with your amazing voice-mixer helmet! With three different modes and awesome electronic features on this detailed helmet, you’ll look like the TRANSFORMERS Movie hero, and you’ll even sound like him, too! Switch on voice mixer mode to have your voice remixed with six different music styles. The helmet also plays realistic conversion sounds of the BUMBLEBEE character changing from a car to a robot and back again, or his movie battle phrases including, “BUMBLEBEE to the rescue! “Your Mission…Protect the world from evil” and several more! Easy-to-adjust straps help you get a comfortable fit.

How do you enter to win?
It's easy just post a comment here for one entry or become a follower for two entries. If you post this on twitter you will get three entries :)
(If you twitter this or become a follower be sure to post it here so that we know and don't forget to follow Toyglobe on Twitter @Toyglobe)
Good luck to all this give away ends on June 18th, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ToyGlobe - WWE Classic 15, 16, 17 Now Available

We always try to go back in the series in order to accomodate those who watch our site for older products. We now carry WWE Classic Superstars Wave 15, 16 , 17.

So are you missing out on Lex Luger, Eddie Guerrero, or Shawn Michaels? We got your cover.

Wave 15:

Wave 16:

Wave 17:

More are yet to come...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ToyGlobe - Street Figther 4 - Series 2

The is strong in the sales, shortage of the Tournament Edition stick is running rampant; compensation? Series 2 of the Action Figures by NECA Toys. This series features Guile, Akuma, and Chun Li

ToyGlobe - Tim Burton Nine

From the highly-anticipated new CGI animated movie 9 comes this collection of action figures. Produced by Tim Burton, the film uses CGI to create a hauntingly beautiful stop-motion effect for the story ragdoll protagonists.

ToyGlobe - Target Exclusive Superion - Pre-Order

Another Exclusive is coming our way. Target is not next to you or out of reach? Transformer old school fan? Do not miss out on this opportunity to get SUPERION

Monday, May 25, 2009

ToyGlobe - Revenge Of the Fallen - Voyager Class

More Revenge of the Fallen news: new preorders for the Voyager class Transformers from the movie: Ironhide, Optimus Prime, Demolisher, Starscream

Toyglobe - Batman The Brave and The Bold

Collect your favorite heroes from the animated TV show, Batman: The Brave and the Bold! In each episode, Batman teams up with a different DC Universe partner to fight crime in Gotham City and beyond!

toyGlobe - GI JOE Hall Of Heroes

A Real American Hero... and Cobra! Since 2007, Hasbro captured hearts, minds, and enemy combatants with its 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe Action Figure line. Now, the best of the best were voted on by fans and have been redecorated and issued in this deluxe collector packaging! Each carded action figure comes sealed, and that package is placed inside another large, collectible box. With gold foil and amazing character art, this assortment is sure to please!

Friday, May 22, 2009

ToyGlobe - Hasbro Icons New Wave 2009

It was Cancelled - then came back, then cancelled, and now officially back.

Hasbro Marvel Heroes Icons: Dark Phoenix, Phoenix, Red and Yellow Daredevil, Nightcrawler, and Colossus

ToyGlobe - Older NBA products - We Got it

As always we continue to expand new product lines but to go back on older ones and see if we havent missed out on any.

We found a few goodies from our past:

NBA Backboard Collector's Club Exclusive:

Larry Bird Legends Series 1 White Jersey Variant

Lebron James - Series 13 - White Jersey Variant

Saturday, May 16, 2009

ToyGlobe - Rock On with Guitar Hero

Missed out on last year's run of Guitar Hero characters? ToyGlobe got you cover with a price cut on its series 1 set. If you miss it, dont miss it again:

ToyGlobe - 12" Blue Spartan Exclusive

We got it! Mcfarlane Toys made two 12" Exclusive when they released last year 12" Halo figures. The mass market received Master Chief however Walmart received the Blue Spartan too. We got it in stock right now for a low price - get yours while supply last!

Friday, May 15, 2009

ToyGlobe - G.I. JOE Rise Of Cobra - M.A.R.S(MARS) Trooper

The product line is not out yet but we have the very first product of the new G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra action figures. M.A.R.S. (Mars) Troopers 3-Pack contains 2x Troopers and 1 Officer from the movie.

ToyGlobe - Bakugan Trap - More to the List

More BAKUGAN Traps are being released and we have them in our store.

Subterra(Tan) Tripod EpsilonVentus(Green) PythantusHaos(Grey) ZoackVentus(Blue) ScorpionPyrus(Red) Carlsnaut

ToyGlobe - History of The DC Universe

Brand new sculpt and an entire new ongoing line that will wow action figures collectors from the DC Universe. An ongoing line of action figures that spans the broad history of the DC Universe, as presented by artist George PĂ©rez in the classic book HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE! Planned to include more characters than any DC Direct line ever, this series will feature characters from a variety of teams and eras, as well as some renegade solo characters.

ToyGlobe - Blackest Night Action Figures ready for Pre-Order

DC Direct is proud to produce action figures for the event of the summer – the beginning of the highly anticipated "Blackest Night" storyline!

Wave 1 is set to arrive for Late September 2009 with the revealing of Earth 2 Superman

Wave 2 is set to arrive 1 month afterward with Black Lantern Corps Martian Manhunter in the mix:

Friday, May 8, 2009

ToyGlobe - Wolverine Super Hero Squad

New Wolverine Super Hero Squad coming our way. These 4-Packs are: Doom of the Dark Beast, Battling the Brotherhood, Wolverine on the Run, The Uncanny X-men, and The Hunt for Mr Sinister. How Super is your Squad?

ToyGlobe - New Wolverine Origins Figures Arriving

85$M is considered a Box Office hit right? Hasbro Toys brings you new figures from the Wolverine Origins Movie.

New figures includes: Deadpool with claw and no shirt, Sabretooth with Jacket, Wolverine with Jacket, and Logan with Bone Claws.

Collect them all

ToyGlobe - Mcfarlane Sports NBA Legends 5 - Pre-Order

NBa Legends 5 features six hardcourt phenoms who helped paved the way for today's NBA stars. 4 new Sports Picks Debut and 2 returning veterans: Hakeem Olajuwon, John Havlicek,Joe Dumars, Dan Majerle, Karl Malone 2, and Magic Johnson 2

Thursday, May 7, 2009

ToyGlobe - 3" Sonic, Black Knight, and More

We have just scored a new deal with the makers of Sonic the Hedgehog products. Toyglobe now has the 3" and 5" figures. Figures include Black Knight, Super Poseable Sonic, and the Shadow, Werehog, and Sonic set! Pre-order them now (at our super low cost) and get them while quanities last!

Oh, I almost forgot, also available are the new Sonic the Hedgehog plushies - NFL Series 20 - Ready for Pre-Order

Mcfarlane Toys has released their NFL 20 lineup with pictures to boot. If you like QB's - you will love this run. Pre order it today and reserve yours for their Sept. - NFL Series 20 - Ready for Pre-Order

Mcfarlane Toys has released their NFL 20 lineup with picture to boot. If you like QB - you will love this run

ToyGlobe - Ice Age 3 - Dawn of The Dinosaurs Beanies

Being one of the largest providers of plush products and beanies such as Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants and Sonic; we just had to bring these in: ICE AGE 3 -Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Ice Age 3 Beanie Babies available June 2009. Place your pre-order by clicking the link below.

Friday, May 1, 2009

ToyGlobe - New Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen Action Figures Pre-Order

What was the biggest movie of the Summer of 2007? Transformers. What is going to be the biggest Blockbuster hit in summer of 2009? Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen. Guaranteed. has all the new Transformers Autobots and Decepticons whether you are looking for action figures, toys, or voice mixers.

Find them by clicking the link below. Available June 2009.

ToyGlobe - New Sonic Products arriving - Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Vinyl

Here at we will provide the long lasting run of everyone's favorite SEGA mascot, Sonic The Hedgehog.

Arriving now are: Super Golden Sonic & Super Golden Shadow.

Also we are now carrying First4Figures' 4-Inc Vinyl series of Sonic The Hedgehog

ToyGlobe - Last 25th G.I. Joe Series - 12-13 Arrived

This is the last run of the 25th Anniversary before the arrival of Hall Of Heroes .
Figures include Tripwire, Python Crimson Guard, Dreadnok Ripper, Cobra Trooper with Red Logo, Cobra Ninja Viper, Cobra Diver with Water Element, Cobra Saboteur Firefly Blue, Dreadnok Torch, and Blowtorch.

Find them by clicking below:

ToyGlobe - New Vestroia Special Attack Boosters

Just added some new Vestroia Season 2 Special Attack Boosters.
Darkus Preyas II, Aquos SPin Dragonoid, G-Power Change Elfin, Pyrus Boost Ingram, Subterra Heavy Metal Vandarus

Thursday, April 30, 2009

ToyGlobe - Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) - Ultimate Collection Build Porunga Dragon

Includes a bonus piece of Porunga the Dragon. Collect all 5 figures to create a four color Porunga the Dragon. One attack effect accessory included in each figure. Vegito , Vegeta, Goku, Super Saiyan Trunks, Super Saiyan Gohan

ToyGlobe - Star Trek 2009 Toys - Beam down This May

Beam aboard the starship Enterprise this spring with these all-new action figures based on the long-running science-fiction franchise! These action figures based on the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek film feature life-like sculpts, are fully-articulated, and come outfitted with soft, flexible PVC shirts. Each comes with a standing base, utility belt, and accessories. Blister card packaging.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ToyGlobe - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Disney Pixar Cars Die-Cast

That is right - the buy 1 get 1 free has been extended to Disney Hit Movie: Cars.

BUY ANY DISNEY CARS PRODUCTS - SELECT A FREE DISNEY CARS DIE-CAST FROM THE FOLLOWING 10: 1)Original Green Ramone, 2)Original Lightning McQueen, 3)Supercharged Purple Ramone, 4)Supercharged Boost, 5)Supercharged Radiator Spring McQueen, 6)Supercharged Doc Hudson, 7)Supercharged Leakless, 8)Supercharged Dirt Track McQueen, 9)World of Cars Bling Bling McQueen, 10) World Of Cars Dinoco McQueen.PLEASE STATE YOUR SELECTED FREE CAR IN THE COMMENT AREA AT CHECKOUT. BUY 1 SELECT 1 TO GET FOR FREE!!!

ToyGlobe - Mcfarlane College Football arrives in August

The line will feature the incredible detail, signature poses, and picture-perfect facial likenesses that made McFarlane Toys famous with sports fans and collectors.

Tom Brady - University of Michigan Wolverines
Ray Lewis - University of Miami Hurricanes
Peyton Manning - University of Tennessee Volunteers
Adrian Peterson - University of Oklahoma Sooners
Hines Ward - University of Georgia Bulldogs
JaMarcus Russell - Louisiana State University Tigers

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ToyGlobe - Kree Mar-Vell Coming in August

Kree Mar-Vell See where the story of Captain Marvel began with the Silver Age favorite, Kree Mar-Vell! Featuring the future super hero as he first appeared in 1967's Marvel Super-Heroes #12, this seven-inch sculpt depicts the classic Kree Armor worn by Captain Marvel after his arrival on the planet Earth and includes a deluxe base featuring Mar-Vell's crashed spacecraft.

Monday, April 27, 2009

ToyGlobe - 3" NFL Series 7

We're excited to bring you 3-inch NFL Series 7 -- 12 gridiron greats. These figures may be half the size of our regular Sports Picks figures, but they've got all the detail and attitude you've come to expect from McFarlane.

ToyGlobe - Marvel Crossover and Exclusive 2-Pack

Basing their designs on alien technology, Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man create powerful new battle suits for the heroes of Earth. Just Arrived: Thor and Iron Man (War Machine Armor)

Also New For Pre-Ordering arriving in August: Marvel Legends 2-Pack
Female Shield Agent/Iron Man, Skrull/Kree Soldiers, and Red Hand Ninja vs Nick Fury.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

ToyGlobe - NFL Legends 5 - Pictures are up

McFarlane's Sports Picks NFL Legends 5 is a salute to some of the greatest players in NFL history. These seven players combined to win seven championships, six MVP awards, and earn selection to 40 total Pro Bowls.

We just updated our site with the pictures of these players. Come take a look and pre-orders yours now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

ToyGlobe - Halo Wars Wave 2 - Like the butt kicking continue!

Halo Wars, the newest game in the Halo universe, is a real-time action strategy game that allows players to control large armies and direct them in realistic warfare. At half the size of our regular figures, and sold in packs of three, our Halo Wars Heroic Collection sets are perfect for building an action figure army of your own.

ToyGlobe - NHL Seres 22 Now Available for Pre-Order

NHL Series 22 has the top players from both the past and present. This impressive 8-player lineup features record breakers, new jerseys and a Sports Picks debut. Alex Ovechkin 3,Daniel Alfredsson 3,Darryl Sittler 2,Martin Brodeur 3,Miikka Kiprusoff 2,NHL 22 - Mats Sundin 2 - Vancouver,Shane Doan(Coyotes),Shane Doan(Jets),Saku Koivu 2

ToyGlobe - NECA New Demonic Box Set

The classic scene of demonic possession from The Exorcist is recreated in this amazing boxed set. Regan is restrained to the bed in her demonic state, and with the press of a button you activate motorized 360-degree spinning head rotation timed to the famous movie scene along with demonic noises and sounds from the film. This is a must-have for movie and horror collectors and is sure to creep out your friends and family. Window box packaging.

ToyGlobe - New Iron Man Action Figures

Iron Man has many suits in his arsenal. Hasbro Toys decided to display these special suits beyond the current Iron Man Mark suits: Iron Man - Battle Monger,Iron Man Inferno Armor,Iron Man Stealth Striker Armor,Iron Man Subterranean Armor.
Also now in-stock.12-Inch Repulsor Power Mark II

ToyGlobe - Diamond Exclusive - Marvel Select Iron Captain America

This figure comes from the cover art for What If? Civil War #1. The character is actually Captain America (Steve Rogers), going into battle in a suit created for him by his friend and fellow Avenger Iron Man (Tony Stark), Only 2,000 pieces of this figure will be produced with Diamond, it is unlikely any others will ever be produced, reserve yours now!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ToyGlobe - New Pre-Orders for Super Mario Products

Popco Entertainment revealed new upcoming products from their Super Mario product line.

Plush: Toad, Luigi, Mario, Yoshi, Koopa Troopa

12" Vinyl Donkey Kong

6" Vinyl Series 2:Goomba/Paragoomba 2-Pack, Wario, Fire Mario, Princess Peach, Hammer Brother

4" Vinyl Series 2: Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Koopa Troopa, Lakitu, Shy Guy

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Frontier Box Set Arrived -

Following the success of the direct-to-DVD feature Justice League: The New Frontier, this box set features reproductions of the best-selling figures based on the miniseries and graphic novels by Eisner Award-winning creator Darwyn Cooke!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ToyGlobe - Clone Wars Titanium Die-Cast Finally Arrives

Get ready for galactic adventure with this cool collectible! Made of die-cast metal, these star wars clone wars vehicle replica is ideal for play or display. With its opening cockpit and display stand, it’s ready to take its rightful place in your Star Wars collection!

Universe 25th Anniversary - Bruticus Maximus -

Remember back in the days when you would see the Constructicon transform into Devastator, or the Protectobots transformer into Defensor...well the wait is over.

Onslaught, Blast Off, Vortex, Swindle, Decepticon Brawl combines to form:Bruticus Maximus.

Marvel Universe Wave 4 -

Pre-Order now for your Marvel Universe Wave 4 Figures. These 3.75 are high detail but small enough so that you will always have room for them.

Wave 4 will contain: Moon Knight, Blade,Union Jack, Hobgoblin, Red Hulk

ToyGlobe - Pre-Order the Next Wave of Clone Wars Animated

Set to release in June 2009 - we have uploaded and put on our web set what is coming out from Star Wars Clone Wars Animated series that just recently ended their season.

Mace Windu, Admiral Yualrin, Jawa 2-Pack, Commander Gree, ARF Trooper, Super Battle Droid Sergeant, Obi-Wan in Space Suit, 4-A7, Whorm Loathsom1x Commando Droids, Clone Echo, Yoda

Monday, April 20, 2009

ToyGlobe -Sonic The Black Knight Exclusive

We just got another Sonic Exclusive. We are known to be the top seller of Sonic products so naturally we got the Sonic The Black Knight Sonic The Hedgehog figure.

Star Wars Mighty Muggs - New at

More Mighty Muggs from Star Wars: Darth Vader (Version 2), Han Solo (Hoth),Plo Koon,Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Maul, Darth Revan

ToyGlobe - Transformers Animated Deluxe figures - Third Season

With the launch of the third season comes new decepticons and autobots deluxe figures.
We got a new Blazing Lockdown, Samurai Prowl, Swindle, Waspinator

Friday, April 17, 2009

Go Joes! Combat Heroes here at

25th Anniversary Combat Heroes are child-friendly characters standing approximately 2” tall. to Carry NECA Toys Coraline products

Neca is proud to announce new items pertaining to Coraline, an award-winning book by Neil Gaiman, author of Stardust, and soon to be released stop-motion movie, directed by Henry Selick, the director behind Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach! Coraline is the story of a young girl who unlocks a mysterious door in her new home, and enters into an adventure in a parallel reality. She discovers that some doors are better off closed.

Currently we are offering 3 different types of PVC Sets including Coraline, Other Mother, Mr. Bobinsky, The Ghost Kids, Wybie

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ToyGlobe - Only from the Twisted Mind of Mcfarlane - Dorothy

Only from the mind of Todd Mcfarlane and the creative crew at Mcfarlane Toys can they come up with this wonderful twist in a classic tale of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.

There was a special variant figure from Twisted Land of Oz that left very little imagination to the public at how Dorothy can be. We just SLASHED our prices not miss out on getting yours today!

ToyGlobe - Seeing Double? Or maybe its just the Sedin Twins

Seeing Double? Same name but different position. The Sedin Brothers will get you dizzy before scoring on you: Henrik and Daniel.

We got a special running for both brothers which were special inserts in NHL Series 13

ToyGlobe - The COGS will KICK the Locust. Gears Of War

New 2-Pack available for pre-ordering. Kim vs Raam 2-Pack from Xbox BEST looking game around Gears Of War

ToyGlobe - NECA Toys Brings Judgment Day Back.

Four different versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the unstoppable T-800 will be released, two at a time, in addition to a re-release of NECA's T-800 Endoskeleton action figure with improved tooling and new weapons. Arnold T-800s and an Endoskeleton - are slated for release this May-June.

ToyGlobe - Harry Potte Half Blood Prince

We just got confirmation from NECA that the Half Blood Prince Assortment figures are now going to be release late April. These will be very hard sought items since 3 new characters are being brought to life by NECA Toys.

Mad Eye Moody, Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy. Completing the assortment is of course the young wizard: Harry Potter

Monday, April 13, 2009

DC Universe Wave 8(Giganta) and 9(Chemo) at

Now available for Pre-Ordering at are DC Universe Wave 8 BAF Giganta and Wave 9 BAF Chemo

Stocking up on Mighty Muggs at

It has been a while since we have asked our distributors to send us some Marvel Mighty Muggs from Hasbro Toys. Well the wait is over here is what has been added:

Iron Man Mark I, Skrull, Ultimate Captain America, Vision, Logan, Cyclops, Sabretooth, Jean Grey Phoenix, Exclusive Punisher, Exclusive Jigsaw

Two 2008 NFL Exclusive now available at

There were two exclusive NFL figures that was available from McFarlane Sports Picks Toys, now here at we gotten them from our distributors.


Hall Of Fame - John Riggins Exclusive

Friday, April 10, 2009 - MLB Series 25 - Now Available to Pre-Order

McFarlane Sports Picks delivers MLB 25. This classic six-figure lineup features five players making their Sports Picks debuts -- and a return to the classic chase figures in alternate uniforms.


Thursday, April 9, 2009 - More Clone Wars Basic Figures

More New Sar Wars coming in. After the season finale - these are garenteed to be popular figures until the return of the show!

Kit Fisto, Battle Droid with Battle Pack, New Redeco Green Clone Trooper, Jar Jar in Jedi Robe. Transformers Universe Deluxe, Voyager, Supreme and Animated Series

New Arrival from the Transformers Universe Series.

Deluxe Class: Hot-Shot with Mini-Con Jolt. Generation 1 Autobot Ratchet, Dinobot, Smokescreen.

Supreme Class Exclusive Unicron:

Transformer Animated 2-Pack: Jetstorm and Jetfire - Safeguard combiner.

New Vestroia Bakugan Trap at

2 new Bakugan Boosters have been added to our extensive line of Bakugan products. This time they are Bakugan Traps. These traps are the new way to end a match decisively. Pyrus Scorpion and Haos Zoack

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Star Trek TNG - Lieutenant Barclay

Star Trek The Next Generation Fans. Get your Season 7 Lieutenant Reginald Barclay
This figure is pretty rare since it was 1 per case of the wave that contained Data and LaForge.

The Month of June 2009 - New Sonic Plush at

Mark down your calendars - June 2009 - we will receive new Sonic The Hedgehog Plush.
All your favorite characters will be back with some new additions.

Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose.

Cream The Bunny
Silver from the PSP game
Super Sonic (When Sonic gets all the Chaos Emeralds and turns Gold)

Pre-Order Now!

ToyGlobe will carry Mcfarlane Toys - Halo Odd Pods

Odd Pods* are the new stylized variation of our highly successful Halo figures, with special appeal for the vast "urban" figure collector market. Odd Pods have interchangeable heads, torsos and arms for countless customization possibilities. The first series includes four fan-favorite Halo characters with weapons.

Preorder now for July

New Bakugan Bakuswap Boosters at ToyGlobe.comNew Bakugan B2 Bakuswap Boosters have arrived at our store.

New Bakugan B2 Bakuswap Boosters have arrived at our store. Here is the list of boosters:
Darkus Wavern Naga, Pyrus Clayf, Aquos Clayf, Ventus Exedra, Ventus Oberus, Haos Wavern Naga, Pyrus Apollonir

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Price Drop for Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man

Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man was released few years back. This hard sought item was amazing but running rare. Diamond Select decided to re-issue this figure. It is now available for a low price of 21.95$

Star Wars LEGO Now Available at

Build your army from scratch with Lego. Lego Star Wars recreate you favorite Star Wars Vehicles and characters in fun Lego format.
Assassin Droids Battle Pack, Anakin Jedi Starfighter, Ahsoka Starfighter and V-19 Torrent

NEW Bakugan DEKA at

New DEKA Bakugan Available:

Aquos - Stinglash
Pyrus Mantris
Aquos Terrorclaw
Subterra Terrorclaw
Ventus Stinglash

Price Drop for MOTU - Series 1 Set

Price Drop for Master of the Universe (MOTU) series 1 set
Hordak, Clawful, Snout Spout.

ToyGlobe Massive Store Updates Week of April 6th 2009

Here is an update on what is happening at our store.
Star Wars Legacy Collection Wave 4 and 5 Build-A-Droid:
Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi, Spacetrooper, Trinto Duaba and Dice Ibegon, Luke and
Han as Stormtrooper, Wioslea, Jawa, Pons Limbic, 327th Star Corps Clone
Trooper, Fx-6, Commander Faie, General Grievous.
X-Men Origins : Wolverine Comic Series Action figures:
Wolverine and The X-Men 3.75" Action figures:
Mcfarlane Sports Pick NHL Series 21:
Sidney Crosby, Sheldon Souray, Roberto Luongo, Mats Sundin, Jason Spezza,
Carey Price, Alex Tanguay, Paul Stastny
Superhero Squad Wave 2009:
Spider-Man and Tombstone, Rhino and Spider-Armor Spider-Man, Avalanche and
Beast, Captain America and Black Widow
Neca Toys - Friday the 13th 2009 - 19" Jason:
Neca Toys - Head Knockers Version 2 Batman, Joker, Two-Face
Neca Toys Twilight: Edward and Bella
Resident Evil 5 Series 1:
Price Drop:
We just readjusted our prices due to overstock on our NECA Toys product
such as POTC - Dead Man Chest Series 1, Sin City Series 1 Figures and
Master of the Universe Mini Statues.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Price Drop - Price Changes: OLD Mcfarlane Toys

Price Change are in effect. Every day we are readjusting our inventory according to what we bring in. Check back daily for new price adjustments on items that you may thought you can't complete your collection with but now you can, all thanks to the staff.

Mcfarlane and N2 Toys Matrix Action Figures:

McFarlane Toys - Cliver Barker Torture Souls 1:

Mcfarlane Toys - Twisted Fairy Tales:

Sonic Series 1 - Megabots:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

InStock: ToyStory, Star Wars, and More. Pre-Order: Derek Jeter Collectors Edition

Star Wars Clone Wars 2008 Animated Wave 3 and Wave 4: Including the following figures: Clone Trooper, Magnaguard, R3-S6, Padme Amidala, Asajj Ventress, Destroyer Droid, Plo Koon

Toy Story and Beyond: Nighttime Rescue Buzz Lightyear:

Infinite Heroes: Black Lightning, The Spectre, Dr Fate.

New Pre-Order:
Collectors Edition Derek Jeter

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 - Bakugan - Seaon 2 - New Vestroia - Boosters and Bakugan Trap Available

Good news for all Bakugan fans! For those who have not heard, there is a new season of Bakugan in production that is schedule to be aired on Teletoon and The Cartoon Network in the Spring of 2009. Look here for all the latest new Bakugan Vestroia toys, Battle Brawler games, action figures & more coming soon! Now the landscape is not round anymre with new Bakugan TRAPS. News on March 20th 2009 - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Bakugan

Here Is what is New In-Stock, Reduce Price and Pre-Order At
Just In:
Halo 3 Heroic Collection Series 1:
Halo Wars Heroic Collection Series 1:
Watchmen Series 2:
Clone Wars 2008 Wave 4:
Disney Race-O-Rama: Milton Calypeer, Andrea, Mega Size Gray and Elvis RV:
Reduce Price:
Bakugan Special: BUY Any 1 Bakugan product and Select 1 out 10 possible
Bakugan as a free gift. So buy 5, get 5 free! Over 200+ Bakugan product
Missed out on Ares? We have 3 figures from that run at the low price of
15.95$. Reborn Iron Man, Scarlet Spider, Ultimate War Machine.
Arriving Soon:
Wolverine and the X-men Wave 1:
Halo 3 - 2009 Wave
Halo Scout Deluxe Armor, Halo Team Slayer 2-Pack: